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Full visa support is provided with all our Russian tour offers.

Visitors are still unable to get a Russian visa unless they have an invitation. This is true for all classes of visa - tourist, student, business and private. The tourist visa  is based on an invitation from a Russian hotel and can be good for up to a month although the maximum amount of time you intend to stay in Russia must be specified.

We can send you your invitation in a matter of days. You can then process your visa directly with your local Russian consulate or better still use a local visa service providing them with the invitation we send you. Your last and most expensive option is to mail us your passport and let us do all the work. As this requires the sending of your passports twice via international mail it is not recommended.

The consulate charges a fee which is based on the type of visa and how quickly you need it. These fees vary between consulates.  Take careful note of the detailed instructions issued by the particular consulate you are dealing with, it can save you time and unnecessary aggravation. We can arrange invitations for visa applications for most types of visas including business and student.

Keep all relevant documents that you filled out and had stamped on entering the country until you have already left and it is obvious that they are no longer required.

One thing that remains constant is registration in Russia. If you are staying more than 3 days you MUST be registered as staying somewhere. If you are entering Russia thru Moscow (we hope soon to be able to offer the same service in Petersburg) we can arrange a registration that will be good for your whole stay in Russia regardless of where you are actually staying and how you are traveling. If you are not on a fully packaged tour we recommend that you enter Russia thru Moscow or Petersburg and immediately make your registration in one of these cities. Probably due to the complex and ever changing rules for foreigners and local official misunderstanding of those rules, many other points of entry seem to find ways of confusing the visitor or extorting unnecessary fees and fines. In our experience a Moscow registration will allow you to travel and spend time in Russia without problems just about everywhere. 


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