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Established in a protective bend of the Moscow River, Moscow has been inhabited for well over a thousand years. The first historical record of Moscow relates to the signing of a peace treaty by Prince Yury Dolgoruky (long arm) in 1147. Dolgoruky is aclaimed as Moscow's founder since he ordered the building of wooden walls around the settlement in 1156. This walled settlement was later to become the heart of today's Kremlin.

Moscow today is a city of over 10 million people and extends way beyond those original walls. Moscow has given birth to some of the highest levels of human achievement in arts and science. The city has seen  invaders come and go and its many layers stand as a window on a thousand years of human history.

Individual Moscow tours are available standalone and as substitutions or additions to a Russia travel package. They also offer some ideas for the independent traveler. Our Moscow tours are available year round but if you come in winter then you better bundle up.

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Moscow City Tour.
A three hour tour of Moscow more..

Moscow Kremlin Tour.
Three hour Moscow Kremlin tour more..

The Pushkin Fine Arts Museum.
Private 3 hour tour of the Pushkin museum. Includes guide and museum tickets. more..

The Tretyakov Gallery.
Three hour tour of the Tretyakov Gallery. Guide and tickets more..

The New Tretyakov Gallery.
Three hour private tour of the New Tretyakov Gallery more..

Gorky House Museum.
The tour to Gorky House includes meeting in Moscow and return to anywhere in Moscow. more..

Moscow Metro Tour.
A two hour tour. Includes all must see stations of the Moscow metro more..

The Sculpture Garden and Gorky Park.
A tour of the Moscow sculpture garden and Gorky park. three hours. more..

Kolomenskoe Park Tour.
A tour of Moscow's Kolomenskoe park. Includes entrance to the Cathedral and all museums. more..

Izmailovsky Park.
A visit to Moscow flee market Izmailovsky Park. Three hour tour with assistance in making purchases. more..

Victory Park.
A Moscow tour to Victory Park more..

A Three hour Moscow tour of VDNH more..

Novodevushi Monastery.
A three hour tour of the Novodevushi Monastery. Includes museum tickets and photographs. more..

Donskoi Monastery.
Two hour walking tour of the Donskoi Monastery grounds and cathedral. more..

Danilovski Monastery.
Two hour walking tour of the Danilovski monastery and cathedral. more..

Andronikov Monastery.
Three hour tour of Andronikov Monastery, cathedral and museum more..



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