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Russian Travel Tips and Services
Russian travel: Sergiev Posad at night


Russian travel tips and services

Arriving in Russia

For your arrival in Russia it is best to  arrange a pickup rather than brave the usual hungry crowd of unregulated taxi drivers. A prearranged pickup is always the cheapest and simplest approach. Forget about renting a car. Although car rentals are available, often quite cheaply, Russians have their own unique form of reckless driving, this combined with frequent police checks and an immense language gap makes driving a harrowing experience for the new arrival. Once you get your bearings you will find that Russia in general has an efficient and relatively inexpensive public transport system. As a pedestrian you should always try to maintain an added alertness. Never assume because you think you have right of way a vehicle will actually stop for you. Sometimes traffic lights seem merely a suggestion rather than an imperative.

Russian Taxis

Russia has a fairly loose taxi system. In fact any car is potentially a taxi. Stand by the side of the road with your arm out but down (not up American style) and pretty soon cars will start stopping and asking where you want to go (in Russian of course). Most destinations can be negotiated safely for from 5 to 7 dollars. This is not a good idea for visitors to try by themselves 

Language Barrier

The amount of English spoken is much less than most other tourist destinations. The alphabet being Cyrillic rather than Latin adds to the confusion. The similarity between the two alphabets, perhaps not apparent at first glance, is really enough that a few hours familiarization will pay great dividends. Consider a Russian language crash course.

Money Management

Money management is relatively easy in Russia. There are many cash machines, in Moscow they usually offer a choice of rubles or dollars while in Petersburg the Euro is the more common alternate currency.

Being a Guest

If you are invited to dinner with a Russian family you will usually be offered house slippers or "tapochki" at the entrance. Russian do not like to wear street shoes in the house. It is usually polite to bring vodka or some dessert. Fortunately there is a plentiful supply of both readily available. When shaking hands DO NOT reach out across a threshold. Russian consider this to be bad luck.


Russians do like to drink and seem to have a supernatural ability to absorb alcohol, each round being preceded by a meaningful, often humorous toast. Usually drinking is accompanied by snacks known as "zakuski", which are taken after every drink in the belief that it will help protect the stomach from the alcohol. Unless you have a supernatural ability to absorb alcohol DO NOT try to keep up with your hosts.

Russian Chocolates

For chocolate lovers Moscow produces some of the best chocolate in the world. The brand to look out for is Red October or "Krasni Oktyabr". The factory is located in the center of Moscow next to the giant statue of Peter in the Moscow River.

Crime in Russia

Although many people still seem to have the idea of Russia being a dangerous place for visitors overrun by mafia thugs, this is not really the case. Contrary to the popular stereotype Russians are for the most part very warm and friendly with a great sense of humor.  Violent street crime is relatively low in Russia. The communist system created a generally uniform urban structure and high danger zones such as can be found in New York or many other large western cities are fairly nonexistent.  What you need to be alert for are small groups of confidence tricksters who often work in collaboration with local petty corrupt police officers. Be highly skeptical of any chance situation that may seem to offer an unexpected reward. Always carry your passport and visa with you.

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